From Crazy Mother to Crazy Cat Coffee

This is where it all really started. I am  46yrs old I have resigned from my secure job. I’m sitting at home thinking “What the hell have I just done”. Looking back I was exhausted, stressed, unable to sleep.

Now I’m excited and full of hope with what life has to offer me.

This is my journey.

Crazy Cat Coffee Ltd

What I was looking for:
My new business venture had to be home based, flexible working hours, gave me the opportunity to build a business that would give me the financial freedom to live the life I wanted.
What I didn’t want:
A boss, cold calling, badgering family and friends to buy my products, stress, 14hr work day.
What I found:
Whilst scrolling through my Facebook page I came across a Canadian lady – a Mentor who specialized in helping women Entrepreneurs (I can now call myself an Entrepreneur – having first learned how to spell it) and she resonated with me ..all the words on her page meant something to me. I had found what I was looking for ..finally, I had that missing piece which meant I could start to build a business for my family and me.
To introduce myself, I am based in the UK with my partner Alan and our 2 children.
I am surrounded by my family and friends. Having my Parents, aunts, cousins all living locally it’s fairly hectic here at weekends.
We enjoy a normal lifestyle in landlocked Leicestershire,  both having had management positions we were relatively secure financially.
My Office
Did I know that there was a Global phenomenon called the “New Digital Economy” that I needed to be part of?   No, I didn’t… but I do now and that’s where I’m heading…


My Story and why I had to find a solution to my problem.
A brief resume of how I started and where I am today. :
My career started as a Registered General Nurse after leaving school. I qualified and worked for a year to save money in order to Travel. I had to see the world and nothing was going to stop me, it took nearly 2 years for me to get the travel bug out of my system..but it didn’t work as 30yrs on I’m still itching to see parts of the world unknown to me and more importantly I want to experience it all over again with my children.
Having left the NHS, I embarked on a merchandising career with one of the UK’s most successful high street retailer. Traveling, meeting people, communicating with companies all over the world was an amazing experience. Times change, children came along and with its priorities of a different kind. Part-time work was like gold dust and with it came an uneasy feeling that I was on borrowed time. I knew deep down that the company didn’t want to keep on supporting part-time workers and gradually one by one the opportunities were dwindling for anyone one seeking flexible working hours. It’s a harsh reality when after 23yrs you are faced with – stay and work full time or leave and find myself a 3rd career!

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I had an amazing year, I slept, I recovered.
 I laughed again and more importantly I decided to put something back into a community that has given much to my family and me. I volunteered. I worked part time in the same Infants school my children attended, asking children not to pick their nose or lick the tables!
I listened to them read, corrected their spelling, got covered in glue and paint but most of all I loved it.
At the same time, I started to train as an adviser for Citizens Advice Bureau to help local people find information and support to get them through their various issues. This is something I still do to date.
A year on and now I need to find paid employment. The thought of going back to retail or any job involving long hours, low pay, demanding managers made me feel physically unwell. I just didn’t want that kind of life. I wanted to work hard, earn money and keep it (other than paying tax of course) so I turned to the Internet and searched for Working from home, Online businesses etc and found Forever Living Products. I love the products but not the business. I needed someone to guide me, an expert to keep me on track and help me find what I was looking for…
The thought of going back to retail or any job involving long hours, low pay, demanding managers made me feel physically unwell.
So I’ve learned how to be a Marketer of online products I just needed to find something to sell -queue Alan and his bright idea of selling coffee.
It’s something we both love drinking and we had a roaster what we knew who could supply to us.
So I have a product and a supplier.
…and then it occurred to me that I didn’t need to chase customers and convince them to buy my products because if I found a product to sell on Amazon then they would do it for me using FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon.
That was my epiphany or rather this is – this is Freddie our photographers’ cat. Unfortunately our kitten (whom the company was named after) is no longer with us) She was Crazy, fearless and frankly bonkers and we miss her dearly, she lives on in our new business.
Crazy Cat Coffee
 This is me now on my journey, I’m still learning, it’s a continual process.
Happier than I’ve ever been because I’m helping other people to achieve what they want out of life and that’s very important to me.
This is me!
If you would like to talk to me then I’ll be happy to!

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