Last Wish

What would your’s be?

Bought a house by the coast, be with your friends more, leave a legacy for your children, ran your own successful business maybe?

Another friend told me recently that she has cancer and isn’t it weird how we look back at what we didn’t achieve rather than what we could still achieve when faced with our own mortality. Not enough women follow their hearts and start their own business (Online or Off) and I think the main reason is we are scared to get started.
30% of the female population would start a business if it wasn’t for the fear of failure – ‘Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’ London Business School.
If like me you know you want to own and run your own business, you know you want to be online, working from home, dictating when you work….and like me when I first started you had no clue where to begin. 
I had no clue when I first started to look Online for a business, I knew there was something out there I just didn’t know where to look for it….
I didn’t have a product to sell either…did it matter?…no it didn’t and here’s why….meet the Co-Founder of a company called: Six Figure Mentors: Stuart Ross.

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I found ….”Affiliate Marketing” and started to Investigate..there was not a hope in hells chance I was going to part with what little cash I had to a fraudster/scam or anything in between.  Aware of so-called “Intelligent” people being “had” I wasn’t going to be one of them this is what I found out.
Wikipedia: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
Ok to put it in a non-techy way…
You sign up to an Affiliate Programme and they provide the platform for you to do either: 
1) If you have a product to sell:  Help you set up, promote and sell your product online. 
2) If like me you don’t have a product to sell:  Help you set up, promote other people’s product online which you then earn a commission…. you can do both if you want to!
Simple really…

Of course it’s not that simple…(it never is) Affiliate marketing takes time and effort to set up but once complete the rewards can be huge. But please do not go any further unless you are serious about this otherwise you will waste your time and money

These are the 5 Steps that I took to build my Business Online:
1) I learnt that there is a vast amount of people out there that I could share my information with. To give my customers value so that they in turn built up a relationship with me and bought my product.
2) Set up my digital business so that my Adverts promoted my website 24/7 365 days a year. I could wake up in the morning knowing my business was working for me in another part of the world ( a bit mind blowing at first, but you get used to it)
3) Automation is the key !..My emails are sent out automatically to my customers keeping them informed of the products I offer, again sent out whilst I’m sleeping/relaxing/eating!
4) I can now Blog (once I’d learnt what it meant) I use outsourcers to write the bones of my articles then I put on the meat. I’m no writer so I use cheap but amazing writers who come up with the inspiration for me.
5) Did you know there are now more than a Billion people on Facebook every day?  Here is just 1 of your potential audience to market your product to. There is a huge amount of information and resources inside most Affiliate programmes so make sure you choose the one which will give you the support you need.
Like I said I had absolutely no technical/computer experience what so ever before I started. It took me
6 weeks to get up and running (approx 2 hours a day). I had to re-read everything twice (sometimes 4 or 5) before the information sunk in. I didn’t find it an easy process at first, I Googled everything! There is a  Community inside the programme I use are very …patient!..they need to be with me. If I can do this and make a success of it then so can you.

I did find it hard work at first but the amazing thing is that it’s given me a passion for life again. I can now see where I’m going in terms of finances and building an income that I can retire on. I have a mission to empower as many people as I can with this information so that they can decide to take the leap and create a life that they love.

Did I know that there is a Global phenomenon called “New Digital Economy”? No, I didn’t …..but I do now and that’s where I’m heading…… 

If you are Interested in the Programme that I am using then please click on the link for your FREE 7 Day Bootcamp where you’ll be taken through a series of short videos explaining how Six Figure Mentors work.

I look forward to working with you soon..any questions then please email me or skype me louisehunt2012
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