The Elusive Work Life Balance..can we achieve it?

Barbara Corcoran is known for many things including her sense of humor so “Forget balance, I strive for Anti- exhaustion” made me smile.


“The Elusive Work-Life Balance..can we achieve it?” We all get a little confused (bewildered in my case) when it comes to setting up our own business, bombarded by the amount of information out there, distracted, frustrated to name but a few emotions. It’s a roller coaster of highs and lows that exhausts us.

5 Simple Ideas to help you Focus (and a little less exhausted)

1) Your Goals: Take a piece of A4 paper and write down why you started your business, what were/are your aims and ambitions. If you have achieved them then great, but if you haven’t then write out a new one and from there write down how you are going to achieve it. Print it off and stick it by your computer.
My Advice: Install It’s Free, simple and easy way to get “thoughts” and “ideas” out of your head and onto paper. It doesn’t matter what you write down – it could be an idea for a Blog, a headline or a link to an article. It’s a record for you to refer and more importantly it stops you forgetting that vital piece of info!
2) List Building: no I’m not talking about picking up the dry cleaning ..this is serious. Having read many and I mean many articles on what drives your business forward no 1 is Building a client list. It’s all about offering Value to your customer first and foremost. They need to get to Know you, then Like you, then Trust you and it takes time. On average, a customer needs to have seen/been in contact with your product 7 times before they will buy from you.
My Advice: Install The first month is FREE, so take the free month trial and see how it works for you. It’s easy to set up, connects to your website and shows you how to stay in contact with your Subscribers. It even offers advice on what topics to email to your customer..brilliant.
3) De-Clutter your InBox: How many hours have I sat at my computer watching videos on “how to get thousands of new customers in under 10 minutes” etc. If like me you are/were in “Educational mode” meaning you are not taking action and driving your business forward then you need to stop getting distracted by Facebook/emails/YouTube etc.
My Advice: Set the Egg timer you now have 25 minutes to unsubscribe from any list that hasn’t given you value/information in the past week. Do it now….and do not subscribe to any more lists until you have taken Action on your Business. FOCUS!
4) Mentor: I didn’t realize I needed a Mentor until I found one. Having started an MLM Business, I soon realized I loved the product but not the way it ran. I didn’t want to phone my friends and family to ask them to buy my products or join my business, it wasn’t right for me. I went Online looking for an alternative and then up popped a lady from Canada (on Facebook) who mentors women in business. Perfect. I spoke to her (via Skype) told my story, what I wanted/didn’t want, she made a few suggestions and bingo I found what I was looking for.
My Advice: Mentors don’t come cheap, but many will offer free advice for your first session. They say (again from looking online) that you need 3 types of Mentors in your life. First is someone who doesn’t know you or your business, 2nd someone who know’s you but not your business and 3rd someone who know’s your business but not you. I am trying not to confuse you even more than you already are! but look around you, do you know anyone you can talk to who fits at least 2 of these? Ask them out of a coffee (pre-warn them that you need some advice ..are they up for it?) and say “what do you think of this?” or “I’m about to do this I nuts for try it?”.. ask them to be open and honest with you..It’s good to talk.
5) Talking to people: or yourself! I’m not about to get all philosophical on you, but I do believe that we all have this “Inner voice” it’s a constant stream of thoughts that babbles on in the background of your mind. It makes it difficult to switch off when we are trying to get to sleep. If like me you work from home and mostly on your own then it’s good to talk especially on Skype as it’s free (for now).
My Advice: After writing a Blog or article read it out loud to yourself, it is amazing how it sounds and it’s exactly how your reader will see/read it. You may find yourself tweaking/rewriting the article, but that’s a good thing. Get a YouTube video channel – I know it’s a scary thought it will boost your confidence and your business. Again video yourself reading your article will get better at writing and you may pluck up the courage to post a video online.
2nd Piece of advice: Get it’s free for now and will encourage you to talk to people all over the world.
Lastly, I did say not to subscribe to any more lists… but check out Female Entrepreneur Association – a weekly dose of Inspiration


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The Elusive Work-Life Balance..can we achieve it?

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