How Safe Is Your Job? Humans Need Not Apply

How Safe Is Your Job? Humans Need Not Apply

In the year 1776 – very few types of jobs existed.
In 2015 – The Office for National Statistics in the UK lists 27,966 different job titles. It’s similar in the USA.

The question is: How safe do you feel your job is right now?

 How Safe Is Your Job?
In the USA the reason for unemployment reads;
1) Economic conditions – IE subprime mortgage crisis
2) Demographic trends – people living longer (long-term downward trend in the labour force as Baby Boomer generation began to retire around yr 2000)
3)Technology trends – automation replacing workers in many industries. 
Ref Wikipedia
With the billions being pumped into automation research by top 4 global companies Apple, IBM, Google and FaceBook reducing the need for employees.
IBM’s Dr Watson computer can spot cancers from x rays better than a human.
It’s not the case that humans are being replaced by a computer completely it’s where they are working together.
What they are doing is replacing jobs that used to take a team of say five or six people and replacing it with a computer that takes 15 minutes for 1 person acting alone.
Most of the America’s, Europe, Russia and Australia are over 80% Services (meaning not Agricultural or Industrial based) and this is already having an impact on jobs. In the last 25yrs, as capital productivity has increased, labour productivity has been flat, in fact even a little down.
Ref GDP Composition by Sector & Labour Force by occupation – data from CIA World Factbook 2006
Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawkins are all concerned for our future – What happens when the computers are smarter than us.
Many people have a subconscious resistance to change which sabotages our ability to move forward – so we stay in a job until the inevitable happens.
We get laid off which no backup plan. We all saw it coming but didn’t or couldn’t do anything about it.
What we need to do as individuals and as governments is:  be honest and upfront.
Hear what’s coming but don’t be afraid..people need to be empowered with the skills and abilities to deal with the new digital economy. Seek out new opportunities – they are coming.

Here’s how it affected my life

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“So I want us to start having this discussion now. People can be quite dismissive. Well, computers can’t really think, they don’t emote, they don’t understand poetry, we don’t really understand how they work.
So what? Computers right now can do the things that humans spend most of their time being paid to do, so now is the time to start thinking about how we’re going to adjust our social structures and economic structures to be aware of this new reality”
Ref Jeremy Howard TEDxBrussels Dec 2014

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How Safe Is Your Job? Humans Need Not Apply

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