Get your Product Online – 5 Handy Hints

Get your Product Online – 5 Handy Hints

Ideas to help you get your Product Online & set up your Home Based Business.

Building an Online Home Based Business is like running a Marathon. You have to be prepared mentally and physically.

This is what you will need to be Online!
This is what you will need to be Online!
1) Advertise & Marketing: Get yourself on Facebook. There are 1 billion people on Facebook every’s mind blowing. Someone somewhere needs your product, but before you self-combust and declare that you don’t know how…remember we all have to start somewhere and If you are serious about being Online then get on Facebook.
My Advice: You need to enrol on a course on How to Advertise on Facebook. This is the course that I took, click the link and have a look. Do your research as there are hundreds of courses out there to choose from.  Please make sure they teach you how to use
2) Timing – Do it now, today… I’m in my late 40’s so I’ve grown up with computers but didn’t embrace them. I knew the basics but no more having a partner who did the techy stuff was easier. I decided however that if I was going to set up my own business Online I had to learn how to do it for myself.
My advice: have a go, try and find the answer but set yourself a limit (time not mental) if you cannot do it in the timeframe look for help. is a fantastic tool enabling you not to lose track of time, it rings a bell every 25 minutes so you can stop and move onto something else.
3) Get Help – If like me you have limited savings and couldn’t afford to pay for help use Online tutorials from YouTube.
My Advise: Google and Youtube anything and everything you need to know But be careful. I found that some Youtube videos are out of date especially when trying to keep up with the changes that some companies IE Facebook make (it feels like every 5 minutes) It is incredibly frustrating when you try and compare what’s on your screen to what you are looking at on the Youtube video.
4) Environment: Desk space, peace and quiet. I have to pick and choose work time v family time. I had a very sceptical partner who thought I was wasting my time Online. When he went out I jumped onto the computer and worked. I got up early to work before everyone else was awake and was the last to bed…it pays patient. Little but often.
My Advise: Read the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Listen and read to as many Business Guru’s as you can. You will resonate with one of them and the insight they can give may change your life.
5) Equipment:  I inherited a very old 2nd hand MAC Desktop and I am praying it keeps going for a while longer.
My Advise: Install Free software to keep it up to date with Virus check and clear of spam etc. I use
My 2nd piece of Advise is to sit a Laptop or Tablet alongside your Desktop. You can watch & pause Youtube videos for example on one device and implement it on the desktop – absolute revelation when I figured this one out.

What to do now: 

Whether you have a product to sell or not take a look at a company called  The Six Figure Mentors
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Six Figure Mentors are a community of like minded people who have helped and supported me all the way. I couldn’t have done it without their Step by Step (idiots guide) programme of How To Set Yourself Up Online.
Did I know that there was a Global phenomenon called the “New Digital Economy” that I needed to be part of?   No, I didn’t… but I do now and that’s where I’m heading…see you inside.

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Get your Product Online – 5 Handy Hints

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