Baby Boomer – Am I too Old to Start my own Business?

Baby Boomer – Am I too Old to Start my own Business?

Starting your own business wasn’t on the curriculum when I was at school and it certainly wasn’t in my parents time, it is only in the past 5-10yrs that we (the older generation) have become “exposed” to the idea being self-employed.
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Have a listen to  Gary Vaynerchuk   he was encouraging older people — in their 50s and 60s — to get involved with the entrepreneurial movement.
His message was that even if starting a business hadn’t seemed like an option when they were young, it is now.

The same is true no matter what your age.  Online business has opened up a wealth of doors and opportunities that have never existed before.

Unfortunately, just because it’s easy to start an online business doesn’t mean it’s easy to succeed with one.

Unless your father owned a business, for which you were destined to inherit you were not exposed to the idea of becoming or being an Entrepreneur.
To be brutally honest it takes a certain amount of guts, bravery, insanity? when you start your own business.
Why? because of the risks involved.
The older we get the fewer risks we are willing to take especially where our  hard earnt money is concerned.
It has taken us a lifetime to build and nurture our nest egg, through the financial crisis, pension fund frauds, children! so I’m not going to risk investing my time and money only to see it disappear into someone else’s back pocket.
30yrs ago, even a decade ago, there were fewer resources for aspiring entrepreneurs trying their hand at innovation around the world, now however we have the Internet at our fingertips and the rewards can be enormous.
Entrepreneurship  not only requires courage to innovate, it takes a lot of resources and effort. You are judged on the quality of your work, the amount of time you’re willing and eager to put into it, but the satisfaction of working for  yourself is incredibly rewarding.

It can, and should become more of a lifestyle than a job.

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Research tells us that it’s best to start a business in something that you have prior knowledge  but what happens if this is not possible or realistic?
If that’s the case then you just have to accept that you’re not going to know exactly where you’re going or how exactly you’ll get there!
For me that was the exciting part, it was also scary too.

The biggest question I get asked is “Am I too old to start?”  or “Is it too late to start?


It’s never too late to start doing what you want to do. Thankfully, being creative and innovative doesn’t come with an age limit.

What you don’t want to do is get to a point where you say  “I wish I had done that”.

Many people are looking to Self-employment for a variety of reasons:
  1. Top up Pension fund or have no Pension fund
  2. Forced Retirement or Redundancy
  3. Family commitments
  4. Ill health forcing people out of the workplace.

If you are faced with any of the above challenges then you should be doing something about it, because I can tell you now no one will come to your aid. The government cannot afford to.

  • With a failing National healthcare system wouldn’t you like to be able to afford Private Health Care?
  • With a Pension system in crisis wouldn’t you like to know that financially you have nothing to worry about?
  • With your adult children still under your roof wouldn’t you like them to be independent?

Many people aspire to be their own boss and being self-employed, so what’s stopping you?

  • Lack of experience,
  • No idea where to start,
  • No “amazing ” idea or product,
  • Too Old?

Now, it’s time to stop thinking like that and realize that you’re never too old to achieve your goals and dreams.

Go for it!
You are never too old to follow your dreams..go for it.

I wasn’t going to let my age and inexperience stand in my way of creating the financial freedom that I and my family required.


Is it never too late to learn (and earn)?

Starting  a new chapter in your life may seem like a big deal especially if you compare yourself to the bright young startups you hear about.

What you have that they don’t  is: Life experience, hindsight, and a developed skill set.

The number of self-employed people over 65 has more than doubled in the past five years to reach almost half a million. Self-employed people tend to be older (& wiser), with an average age of 47, compared with an average of 40 among employees.

Here is the information that I had which convinced me I was doing the right thing.

Check it out for yourself… Click here: Earn & Learn

 As Mark Twain said, age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

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Baby Boomer – Am I too Old to Start my own Business?


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