You have got to be kidding me?

You have got to be kidding me?

Are we really spending $329 million per day learning online?

The online learning industry (e-learning to you and me) is now worth a staggering $119 Billion (and growing).

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Have we stopped hiring musty smelling middle-aged men in ill-fitting suits to provide lukewarm training sessions in hot stuffy rooms? (I’m not a fan).

According to Forbes, we haven’t. “Traditional methods of training and education within the business setting is not going away, not yet but organisations of all types, from schools to corporations are now opting to train their staff via the web”

People of all ages have some degree of knowledge when it comes to computer technology, we are now, more than ever comfortable with the online world.

Claiming to be a technophobe isn’t an excuse anymore when asked to perform a job-related task online. As computers get smarter, simpler and more intuitive the resistance barrier to learning online comes down.

Why are 44% of businesses intending to buy e-learning tools or courses in the future?

  1. Cost: It’s cheaper and easier to train people via the web than it is to get then into the same room. Travel cost and lost man hours all add up. As well as providing flexibility for busy employees, e-learning also provides huge benefits for staff with disabilities or mobility problems. The same goes for those with irregular hours and shift work.
  2. Communication: It is quicker and easier online. Many businesses have regional or international offices to maintain so companies can be confident that their staff  receives the same content regardless of their location, and in many cases, their nationality.
  3. Student Ability: Research has also shown that e-learning can be a highly effective way of studying and can lead to increased retention of information. Done in short chunks of time, programmes are flexible enough to stop and start to  fit around a daily schedule. It can also be more time-efficient as it enables students to progress at their own pace.
  4. Mobile – e-learning can be accessed on laptops, tablets, and phones – it’s mobile friendly enabling the student to learn whilst on the train, plane or during a time normally be wasted.
  5. Tailor made – Courses can be written specifically to meet your companies needs, they can be skimmed over if  too easy or paused if additional information is required. It enables students to progress at their own pace and focus on areas which are of particular interest. Everyone is able to learn at their own pace.
  6. Technology:  Faster connections, powerful devices, and engaging learning programmes make e-learning a  popular training method.  Apps e.g Skype & Google hangout are helping to further reinforce the e-learning experience. Forums can be used to increase the amount of interaction and engagement between learners.

New technology is being introduced all the time which some companies struggle to keep up – one of the very few downsides to e-learning. Others are listed below.

  1. Motivation: Those with low motivation find the lack of routine and flexible completion times difficult to complete online studies.  e-learning can become complicated to manage if various deadlines are given to different people at different stages of their learning.
  2. Technologically challenged: This type of learning does not suit everyone especially those who have deliberately shied away from computers and online technology. If students are required to learn from home then issues with compatibility with their equipment and poor internet connection add to the stress.
  3. Isolated: Left alone with no one to bounce ideas off some students fail to thrive even with online community support. They need the physical presence of a trainer to achieve their potential. tells us that there are 4 new trends in the e-learning space. “With the fast-paced nature of everything in the world, as well as the increasingly connected nature of people and activities, it has become important for e-learning to adapt”

  • Mobility and connectivity.                                                                                                               Online courses providers are choosing to provide their learners with direct access to content via easy to use apps. Cloud computing space makes connecting to online courses quicker and simpler.
  • Big Data.
    When online, learners engage with content this generates a large amount of information and data. This data is collected, analysed and helps yield greater ROI for those that are investing in eLearning, as well as those providing eLearning products.
  1. Gamification.
    Gamification is one of the most fun and interesting eLearning trends. It helps bring a fun atmosphere to the aspect of online training and learning. It’s a virtual world for a learner to immerse them into, increasing engagement and retention of information.
  2. Video-based training.
    Most of us react better to visual stimulation, it is estimated that 5 hours a day are spent by an adult  just watching videos. e-learning providers have begun integrating video with online learning.

    “Economies around the world are shifting from production-based to service-based industries, there is a premium on intellect. When business success depends on high-quality employee performance, there is an increased need for high-quality training, and the most efficient way to achieve this is through eLearning.”

    Previously confined to the classroom, now the whole world can be your classroom enabling you to keep your skills up to date or learn new ones.


    Is e-learning for you and your company? It should be.






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You have got to be kidding me?

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