Why I use Aweber

Why I use Aweber

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Starting your own business can be fraught especially if, like me, you have no technical background. I could just about use my smartphone anything else forget it.

But and it’s a big BUT ..I needed an income and I wanted to work from home.

I had absolutely no idea where to begin so Google and Youtube became my best friends.


A brief explanation of what I did and why.

I will get to Aweber in a moment. Bear with me, it will be worth it.

  1. Signed up to an Affiliate Programme (as I had no product of my own to sell)  I now sell other people’s product in order to gain a commission.
  2. Created my own website using WordPress (yep did it all on my own) to showcase and sell my new product.
  3.  Logged into my Facebook Business account, started to advertise, collect email addresses and sell my new product to my new list of customers.
  4. Figured out that Canva is a brilliant design tool for newbies like me. You can upload your own images/photo’s or use one of the many (thousands) they can supply for you.
  5. Connected all of the above to Aweber who collects the email addresses for me and sends out a scheduled list of emails. I keep in touch with my customers whether they buy my product or not.
  6. Simple?
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What is Aweber?  – It’s a system that allows you to communicate with your customers when they have given you permission to use their email address.

If you want to grow your business then build an email list.

When you communicate through email, you can build a loyal audience of people who truly want to hear from you.

Why do I use Aweber? – Because it’s user-friendly – it has an award winning customer services, email chat and live chat support 24/7. Which is good because I have used them many times.

Oh and it’s simple to set up and use, I wouldn’t be using it if it wasn’t.


Start Your Free Trial Today!

Good luck and I’d love to have a chat to see how I can help you.
Just choose the easiest way to get in touch.


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Why I use Aweber

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