“I have just as much right to be successful as anyone else”

“I have just as much right to be successful as anyone else” Barbara’s no-nonsense approach is very refreshing but whilst striving for the successful work-life balance we all want, we have to make sure we don’t exhaust ourselves in the process.   Barbara Corcoran is known for many things including her sense of humor so …read in detail

Last Wish

What would your’s be?

Why am I Blogging?

Welcome to my Blog and thank you for stopping by…. When I posted my resignation letter to my place of work it suddenly dawned on me what I had done. I had left a well paid job and the security that bought with it ….but I had also left behind the stress, long hours and …read in detail

Useful Nugget : Book : Laptop Lifestyle by Greg and Fiona Scott

A must read for anyone thinking of starting an Online business. The book gives “Five Essential Steps to Success” Faith, Foresight, Focus, Fearless action and Freedom. After the initial chapters of “Who are Greg and Fiona Scott” It’s all about the power of Leveraging the Internet. Chapter 3 goes on to tell you that anyone …read in detail

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