Motivated Mum on a Mission


Yesterday I listened to a Podcast by Lalita Ballesteros  a woman truly on a mission. She describes herself as a “Wild messenger, soulful poet, and identity explorer”

The latter held my interest as I am in the process of rebranding my business.

Part of the “rebranding” is finding other mums & dads and Motivating them to find their mission in life.

My question to anyone out there who might be vaguely interested is “What is it you have that you want to share?”

Do you have an idea/product/service or talent that you think might be of interest to other people?

Having read:10 Reasons Network Marketing Is Growing in the Global Economy by Dr. Josephine Gross, Editor in Chief of Networking Times you absolutely need to be Online.

The main reasons are:

  1. Technology has become more accessible to the “ordinary people” and it’s easier now than ever to start a business online.
  2. We are able to reach a global audience due to the growth of social media platforms I.E Facebook.
  3. Network marketing in the USA has experienced growth for the 6th year running and predicted to keep on growing for the next 3-5yrs.
  4. The rise of the Entrepreneur – more and more people are becoming aware of the power of the internet and the possibilities of earning a living online.
  5. Partnering with companies that provide the basis or platform from which to run our business. 24hr global support, step by step tuition on “How to build your Business” and communities like-minded people who provide information and tips to help you along the way.

I knew nothing, I mean zero when it came to the internet and computer technology.

A year later I’m logged on, plugged in and running my business via the internet.

I write a lot, I tell other people how I set up my business, how I earn a living from what I do and I’d like to help you do the same.

So if you have a passion, idea, service, talent, product you want to share or sell Online then this is the place to be.

Take our Free 30 Day Test Drive  to see if  being an Online Entrepreneur works for you.

I’m Louise and I run my own Home Based Business I’d love to have a chat to see how I can help you.
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Motivated Mum on a Mission