Pensioner Poverty – Can you afford to Retire?

Pensioner Poverty – Can you afford to Retire? I know we keep banging on about this subject but it just won’t go away. I have this uneasy feeling that when I’m done with my “day job” I’m not going to be able to afford to live on what I’ve earned or saved so far. So where …read in detail

Is Your Pension Pot Enough to Retire on?

Building An Online Home Based Business

We can all get a little confused (bewildered in my case) when researching: Building An Online Home Based Business but if I can do it, then so can you. I’m Louise Hunt and I  will show you how to set up your own Online business step by step. A system that guides you through all the …read in detail

5 Solutions to the Challenges Women Face in Life.

Solutions to the Challenges Women Face in Life (&/or Business)…..Read on if this is you What’s keeping any women up at night? (young or old), the top two answers were work-life balance and finances, then relationships, family time, work, education, health and finally fun.   When I saw an Advert similar to this my reaction was …read in detail

Can you Afford to Retire?

Can you Afford Early Retirement or Retire at all? According to Gallup (April 22nd, 2014), the top Financial worry for middle-aged people is Retirement. I am one of these people, at nearly 50yrs of age I have a small number of private pensions each one started and finished with the job I had at the time. Cumulatively …read in detail

If Mark Zuckerberg Can Do It Then So Can You

If Mark Zuckerberg Can Do It Then So Can You Born a Zuckerberg, daughter of what a lucky young lady she will be, and as birthday celebrations go this one will take some beating. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook (for all those living a disconnected life) announced on #GivingTuesday he would give away £30 …read in detail

How to Build a Business Online with Affiliate Marketing

How to Build a Business Online – From Scratch with Affiliate Marketing. How to Build a Business Online – from scratch – Affiliate Marketing explained Building a Business Online  is all about Solving your Customers Problems Contrary to what many people think, the purpose of building an Online Business isn’t just to sell a product. It’s about giving …read in detail

Building an Online Home Based Business – Could You Do It?

If you are thinking “Can I run a Business Online?” take a look at this article. I have listed 5 key attributes I think are essential when Starting out Online. It’s daunting when you first go Online, but it isn’t impossible. I had no Business experience, I wasn’t computer literate, my background was in the …read in detail

A Pension or A Pauper – 5 Facts to Help you Understand the Changes

A Pension or A Pauper – 5 Facts to Help you Understand the changes. This is for anyone who is confused about How much their Pension will pay out when they reach Retirement age. A topic which is neither sexy or interesting but controversy is growing in the UK over the new “flat rate” state …read in detail

Business Community Online – How to find one

Are you part of a Thriving Business Community Online?  We used to go down to the local pub if we wanted to talk to people (some still do I hear you say)…it sparked a debate on subjects relevant to the people you were with.. be it work, fashion, music etc. They were often lively, passionate …read in detail