“I have just as much right to be successful as anyone else”

“I have just as much right to be successful as anyone else”

Barbara’s no-nonsense approach is very refreshing but whilst striving for the successful work-life balance we all want, we have to make sure we don’t exhaust ourselves in the process.


I want to look like her!

Barbara Corcoran is known for many things including her sense of humor so “Forget balance, I strive for Anti- exhaustion” made me smile.

Working hard doesn’t phase me but having to do 2 people’s jobs (in part-time hours) left me mentally and physically exhausted. I needed to get out of my job before I became ill.”Why the hell did you do that?” I hear you say. I’m not sure why I carried on, a sense of loyalty maybe or thinking there was light at the end of the long dark tunnel, it turned out to be dodgy lightbulb flickering on and off.

Wanting to become successful again was now my priority.

This was me!

This was me before finding Six Figure Mentors

Like millions of  women throughout, the world, I turned to the Internet, searching  Online forums  “Work from home”  & “How to make money online”.  I was searching for that perfect life/ balance. It did appear elusive for a while until I found what I was looking for. Now I’m writing a blog to let other people know what I found.

That Company is called Six Figure Mentors

So why did one of these seemingly random “Offers” make me sign up? This guy – Stuart Ross, he’s the one that convinced me to take a look and see if I liked what I saw. (The company, not him)

Creating a Business & Lifestyle you will Love
Creating a Business & Lifestyle you will Love
Whilst researching the blog I came across an old article in my archive  by Diana Ransom Features editor, Inc. Nov 2014. It’s a year old now but does it still ring true?  I think so. She wrote “Work-life balance may be vital to a happy life, but increasingly, successful women entrepreneurs suggest it’s pure fiction–and if anything, you’re better off just admitting the fallacy now”
I’m not going to be all doom and gloom (it’s not in my nature) and say “we cannot achieve a perfect work/life balance” because that balance will be different for everyone. What I can suggest is that we need to find out what suits us best, strive to achieve it and figure it out as we go along. It’s not a perfect “1 work/life balance fits all” because we’re all so very different.
Part of my plan included reading and listening to the views & opinions of the lovely Barbara Corcoran. She doesn’t know it, but she has become my mentor, inspiration to Creating a Business and Lifestyle that I will love and cherish until I pop my mortal clogs (to ruin a phrase).
When Barbara Corcoran feels exhausted, she leaves her mobile at home and heads to the nearest public library. There, she pulls out a yellow legal pad and draws a line down the center–making a “what I love” and “what I hate” list. “‘What I hate’ ends up being really long,” she says. But when she reflects on what she loves, it helps her to dump all the things she hates.
Me? I got myself a new job, working from home doing “Stuff” online to pay the bills and save my sanity. I’m not going to lie, going back to school (all be it online school) was a bit of a shock to the system, the learning curve was huge. You have to persevere, get through the “I don’t know any of this sh*t” to come out the other end a fully fledged Entrepreneur. A grand title I know, but then I deserve it. Again to coin a phrase of Barbara’s (I’m a little bit in love with her, (but not in that way)) I have just as much right to be successful as anyone else  we all do.
It took me 3 months to get myself up and running online, working between the usual day job/child/husband/house chores. I didn’t find it easy at first as I’m not “Techy” or a computer “Geek”. I just had this overwhelming desire to succeed, see an amount in Black on my bank balance instead of Red, go food shopping without the fear of my card being declined. The usual stuff I know but I just didn’t want to feel like that anymore.
So now you have it, my story and I’m sure it’s not so different from yours. I’ve shared my experience and now I’ll share where the source of all this information. Take a look, there is a small fee to pay (it stops time wasters from clogging up the system) but if you’re anything like me then it will be worth the hard work and frustration in the end.
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Work Hard
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“I have just as much right to be successful as anyone else”

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