Work from Home – are you thinking about it?

You get what you think about whether you want it or not”…a quote from the Law of attraction by Esther & Jerry Hicks.


The Law of Attraction is a powerful thing, especially when I understood it!

So my question is ..How can I attract what I want?

Let me tell you my story…it started with writing a list of what I wanted and without sounding a teeny bit desperate I need to earn a living first and for most people it seems to be the priority.
The driving force behind this isn’t for me it’s for my husband. I have to be able to afford to earn a wage that would enable him to cut his working hours, spend more time at home and be less stressed.
The next part of “The Law of Attraction” is finding out what I wanted to do as an income earner, I wanted to work from home so I’m there to support my children and husband, work online and educate myself..I began to think of what it would be like to set up my own business, be my own boss, dictate when and where I worked.
When I read “The Law of Attraction” this part resonated with me “Understanding and recognising the absolute correlation between what you have been thinking and feeling – and what is manifesting in your life experience will cause you to be more aware of the stimulation of your own thoughts”
Eg If you’re thinking about “Online Businesses” you become more aware of things relating to “Online Businesses” in your everyday life.
Thinking and feeling that Online was the right path to take made me more aware of the opportunity of a digital business. I  came across a woman from Canada (who popped up on my Facebook page) a “Mentor for women in business” I contacted her, we spoke via Skype, I told her of my plan and she gave me ideas/people to contact/books to read…and the crucial bit was how she built her own business online when she joined a company called The Six Figure Mentors and learnt how to be an Affiliate Marketer.
The final part of my journey led me to explore  “Affiliate marketing” and after listening to and speaking to a few online companies I decided to join the community of Six Figure Mentors. 
 Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 12.03.08
This is Stuart Ross, co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors. I first came into contact with Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross in May 2015. I, like most people sceptical at first, but I was willing to hear them out. It costs nothing to listen and they told me how they could help me 

Reasons why I joined 

Training plan: I had absolutely no experience or any idea on How to start my own business online. I didn’t have a product to sell – did it matter? No, it didn’t. They have an ( I hate to coin a phrase) idiots guide to working online. I didn’t find it easy at first but once you connect with the community and ask the ridiculously stupid questions you find what an amazing support network they have. Each individual is self-employed so they don’t have to spend the time answers your questions, but they do. Why do they do it?..they like me have had a unique opportunity and we are grateful for that so we show our gratitude by helping others to achieve the same.
Freedom: I work when I want and from where I want, if we decide to take off to visit somewhere for a few days I know that I can work for a few hours from my laptop (as long as there is an Internet connection) but be on vacation.
I love what I do: I don’t see it as a job, the money I earn (apart from the tax) is mine. I can scale up the business to the level I want to achieve. The best thing of all is that I can help anyone do the same.

Please do not think this is an easy or quick business startup  (unless you are from an IT dept!) You will go through the online training modules (at your own pace) this ensures that you set up your business correctly. It took me 4 months but once set up I was up and running.

Can I help you?..if it’s a YES then here’s what you need to do next…

Take a look at this Free video series which will explain what the company is all about, feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information. I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Did I know that there was a Global phenomenon called the “New Digital Economy” that I needed to be part of?   No, I didn’t… but I do now and that’s where I’m heading…see you inside.

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Work from Home – are you thinking about it?

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